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09 October 2015
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Shopping Tips

Shopping in Thailand is one of visitors’ favorite activities.  Consequently, these Thailand shopping tips are intended to help visitors make the most of their Thailand shopping experience.  Knowing when and where to shop, how to haggle, what forms of payment are accepted, how VAT refunds can be processed, and what are typical return policies should help visitors on a Bangkok shopping spree or simply picking up a few souvenirs enjoy their time shopping in Thailand. 

Shopping Hours

Most shops, including those in malls and departments store complexes, are generally open from 10 am to 10 pm, though opening hours are typically longer in tourist areas than in smaller local towns. Furthermore, some shops close on Sundays, though most major stores in Bangkok and those in tourist towns are normally open seven days a week. Night markets typically begin at dusk and close around midnight. Wet markets, where local Thais purchase food, open around 4 am and close around 9 am.

Thailand Prices and Bargains

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Receipts and Return Policies

VAT Refund

Packing and Shipping from Thailand

Thailand Export Permits

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