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خرائط تفاعلية
27 May 2015
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Wat Bot
Wat Bot


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Operating time: 08.00 - 16.30

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    Wat Bot -

    Located in Tambon In Buri on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, Amphoe In Buri, Singburi

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Category : Temple معبد

Attraction Details :

The name Bot is actually quite common for various temples in Bangkok as well as in Sing Buri. However, each temple is distinct in its own way. For Wat Bot in Tha Chang District, it is a small but ancient temple that still conserves a true 

Sing Buri character with delicate details and beautifully carved stucco on doors and windows of the ordination hall. It is the work of a local professional carver, Chuen Hatakosol. The ordination hall is unique because rails were used as the base of the building. A Buddha image with a gold frame enshrined inside is the principle Buddha image. There is also “Praputtha Mongkol Nimit” with the hand gesture depicted as “touching the earth” (It is built in the same way as the one from Sukhothai Period). The image is enshrined on a 4-storey plaster base alternating with lion shaped pedestal. At the front, there is a stretch of embroidered fabric. This is another important Buddha image of the temple.

The land belonging to the temple is approximately 44 rai. There isn’t much information on its history. An expert believes that the temple dates far back to Dvaravati Period, even before new Kingdoms were formed. The temple developed through different periods of time as we can see from its buildings: ordination hall, shrine hall, open pavilion etc. It was abandoned during Ayutthaya Period but was later reconstructed in Rattanakosin Period during the year 827. It is now 187 years that the temple was rebuilt. Wat Bot is constantly renovated. At present, it is a royal temple. It is in good care, clean, proper and peaceful. There have been about 17 abbots at this temple.

Getting there: Thornsamor Subdistrict, Tha Chang District, Sing Buri Province.

It is situated beside Chaophraya River, on the side of Noi River. Take highway number 311 Sing Buri-In buri (Old one). The temple is 16 kilometers away from the kilometer marker 14-15.

Contact information: 6, Moo 6, Thornsamor Subdistrict, Tha Chang District,  Sing Buri 10140   036 595 710


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The temple is around 16 km from the town of Sing Buri, on Highway 311 (Sing Buri – In Buri, the old route) between Km 14-15.

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