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29 May 2015
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National Museum of Royal Barges
National Museum of Royal Barges


Operating day:

Monday - Sunday

Operating time: 09.00 - 17.00

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    80/1 ริมคลองบางกอกน้อยถนนอรุณอัมรินทร์, เขตบางกอกน้อย กรุงเทพฯ, 10700 10700‎

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Category : Museums

Attraction Details :

The National Museum of Royal Bargesis located on the northern rim of Bangkok Noi Canal, opposite to Thonburi Railway Station. The National Museum of Royal Barges was originally a shipyard storing the Royal Barges under the Bureau of The Royal Household and the Royal Thai Navy. During World War II, the shipyard was destroyed by bomb. Therefore, in 1947, the Bureau of The Royal Household and the Royal Thai Navy assigned the Department of Fine Arts to repair all the Royal Barges into their original condition as much as possible. These Royal Barges are used in a royal ceremony called, “KrabuanPhayuhayattraChonlamak” (the Royal Barge Procession) which has been a Thai royal ceremony since Ayutthaya Era. These exquisitely crafted Royal Bargesare a blend of excellent craftsmanship and traditional Thai art that presents the invaluable cultural heritage of Thai people. Nowadays, these barges are still often in use. Therefore, having seen the significance of the Royal Barges, in 1974, the Department of Fine Arts established the place to be the National Museum of Royal Barges and also an important tourist attraction in the Central region of Thailand. It also listed all the Royal Barges as national heritages. This shipyard has housed numbers of Royal Barges, which are all dugouts, since ThonburiEra until the present Rattanakosin Era. The Royal Barges stored include Royal Barge Suphannahong (the Golden Swan), Royal Barge Anantanakkharat (the King of Serpents), Royal Barge Anekkachatphuchong (the Variety of Serpents), Royal Barge Narai Song Suban(God Narayana on his carrier, Garuda) and many more. 

The National Museum of Royal Barges consists of two buildings, the National Museum of Royal Barges office building and the National Museum of Royal Barges building. The latter building displays Royal Barge’s bows, Royal Barges and other nine barges used in the ceremony. They include the original Narai Song Suban’s bow made in King Rama III’s reign, a model for the current Royal Barge Narai Song Suban HM King Rama IX. The Royal Barge Suphannahong is a barge with a bow resembling a mythical swan (Hong) adorned with gold lacquer and glass jewels, painted in black outside and red inside. The Royal Barge Anantanakkharat has a bow of the King of Serpents or 7-headed Nakkharat. The exhibition also includes the Royal Barge Anekkachatphuchong, the Royal Barge Narai Song Suban HM King Rama IX, KrutHern HetBarge, KrabiPrapMueang Man Barge, AsuraVayuphak Barge and EkachaiHern How Barge. Moreover, the museum also displays accessories and other equipment used in the Royal Barge Procession ceremony such as the Busabok Throne, oars and oarsmen’s costume. The museum opens daily from 9.00 a.m. to 17.00 p.m. (except during New Year and Songkran holidays.)


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