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09 October 2015
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Phu Wae

Phu Wae

Phu Wae

Phu Wae is one of the mountain peaks in Doi Phu Ka National Park that includes the districts of Pua, Chiang Klang, Thung Chang, Mae Charim, Tha Wang Pa and Santisuk minor district. Doi Phu Ka (or Phu Ka hill) has lush vegetation and is an excellent river source. Additionally, it is considered unique to Nan.Phu Wae is one of the most distinctive looking peaks on Doi Phu Ka. Previously, there were only a few groups of visitors who successfully made their way up to the summit, as it is a steep and long climb. Nowadays Phu Wae’s beauty has become so well known that more and more tourists are finding their way to the top. For nature lovers the climb along the mountain ridge to Phu Wae is not too arduous or overgrown. Plus, the higher you climb, the breezier it is.

If you want to go up Phu Wae, please contact the national park at least two weeks beforehand. It is necessary to have a navigator and a porter to help carry luggage, bedding, food and drinks. A suitable time to allow for trekking up Phu Wae is three days and two nights. Camp on the way on the first night, then spend the second night on the mountain slope, and trek all the way down on the last day. Alternatively, you may wish to take a timesaving trekking option for physically fit adventurers to do a long walk and rest at the hillside on the first night, then climb down on the next day.Walking up Phu Wae requires a forest ranger to lead the way, and at least one night to stay over on the hill. Camping necessities include dried food, drinking water, warm clothing, and a tent because there are no guides or water source up there.

The popular starting point of the journey to Phu Wae is at Ban Dan, which is 50 kilometers away from the national park office. The mountain peak of Doi Phu Wae is a 1,837 metre high grassy wold. It allows tourist to enjoy panoramic views, particularly a view of mountain mist during the dawn and dusk, which is a really fantastic sight.The best moment of the day is at dusk in winter. In the late afternoon when the sun is about to set, the entire mountain of lush grassland turns lustrous and golden. As the sun’s orange radiance gets weaker, the scenery becomes more breath taking. For this reason, Phu Wae is nicknamed ‘changing colour mountain’.