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Doi Suthep

Doi Suthep

Doi Suthep, located only 16 km. from central Chiang Mai, is known to be the most comfortable mountain to visit in Chiang Mai since it takes only one day for a trip. You can take a bus from Chiang Mai University or Chiang Mai zoo if you are not driving. You will find many restaurants, shopping places, and several tourist attractions along the way, and so the popularity has increased with time.The high season is the late winter due to the most captivating view of the town of Chiang Mai from the top. February comes highly recommended, and the weather is not too cold to walk and relax. The top of nearby Doi Pui is also covered with winter flowers and gives the most exquisite picture at this time of the year.

Absorb the magnificent view at a few viewpoints along the way before reaching Wat Pratat Doi Suthep Worawihan. The temple is probably the most historically and religiously important place in Chiang Mai with the history dating back to the year 1384. The 360 steps of Naga Stairway and Pratat Doi Suthep Chedi, a tin-gold chedi that contains the Buddha’s relics, are hard-to-miss.

How to get there

From Chiang Mai downtown area, drive along Huai Kaew Road passing Chiang Mai University to Doi Suthep and Doi Pui. Doi Suthep – Doi Pui National Park provides a number of roads and trails for your enjoyment. Such routes include the Montatan Waterfall-Upper Srivichai Road-National Park Office tracking, trails for bird watching and Yang Pai Forest, roads for motor vehicles, routes for mountain bikes, and many other paths that can take you to many interesting places located in this vast national park.